Why we're creating an Open community

Why we're creating an Open community

Good things happen when people are open. 

An open environment allows closer collaboration for solving complex problems, building better solutions and forming stronger relationships. 

The transparency that comes from openness helps reinforce honesty, integrity and selflessness.

We want to make financial services more open, so that customers can prosper. 

And to do so, we need to be Open. 

This was some copy we wrote in a deck fairly early on in the Open brand building process. 

Openness is a value that we carry into every single aspect of our business. From our calendars to our claims process, we’re always open, honest and transparent in everything we do. 

One of the key areas we use openness is when we give and receive feedback. Feedback is encouraged at every level, as it forces critical thinking and as a result delivers a higher quality result. We know that the best work comes when people are challenged and forced to think deeply about what they are doing, no matter what area of the business you sit in. 

Which is why we want to build a community. 

The power of community

We want to expand our feedback loops to beyond the walls of our office (or virtual offices). So we’re developing a mutually beneficial network of partners, experts and friends of Open, who can help us build and maintain best-in-market digital insurance products. 

The reason why we’ve chosen a community to help us do this is that they allow for unfiltered product feedback. As well as a chance to bring together like-minded individuals to connect and interact. 

As we’ve said, we’re on a journey to make insurance simple. And while we have a very strong team, we know that to solve complex problems, we need brilliant solutions. and that will require more than just a few of us in a room (Google Hangout).

Programs like Atlassian Community Leaders and Xbox Ambassadors have done an incredible job of building an engaged community. Both programs are built on the foundations of bringing together people who are passionate about the brand or industry to drive positive product developments. 

What it will look like

We’ll establish clear feedback channels, host meetups and setup online forums so we can network, collaborate and ideate to make Open better. 

For those who are passionate in helping us build better products, you’ll be rewarded with access to exclusive beta testing, publisher rights to OpenUp, Open swag and much, much more.

And if you like, you can help moderate our feedback channels, host your very own network events (we’ll help of course) and present at Open events. 

This will all continually evolve as the community grows, which all members will be a part of shaping and building for the better. 

Final thoughts

Openness is a key element of what makes Open the business it is today. With it comes honest and transparent feedback, that pushes us to critically evaluate our work and in turn deliver high quality output. 

With a community we’ll be able to harness the thoughts of customers, partners and experts to continuously improve our product set. And ensure Open stays at the forefront of insurance innovation. 

Get involved!

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