Release notes - September 2020

Release notes - September 2020

Each week, we release new features, product improvements and bug-fixes across all of the Open products. Here are the highlights of the past few weeks:

New and improved quote line branding

All Open partners can now take full control of their white-label experience design. We’ve introduced a range of tools that enables complete customization of the quote flow, creating the smoothest possible experience for the customer. 

We’ve built tools that allow partners to:

  • Select the Google Webfont of your choice or even link to a self-hosted custom font
  • Choose the colours of the notifications that appear throughout the customer experience
  • Customise the look and feel of the quote forms by altering the background and border colours as well as the radius of the UI
  • Shape the look of the loading screens and add custom assets to match your brand

Home insurance

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Open Home insurance on both Open CX™ and OpenBroker™.  With a wide range of cover choices at competitive rates, our Home & Contents Insurance makes it easy to tailor cover to best suit you or your clients needs. And it’s all backed by our multi-award winning online experience.


SDK enhancement

We’re always working hard to make the SDK integration as quick and easy for our partners as possible. This month we’ve added new settings so partners can tailor their insurance experience to whatever is optimal for their customers. 

We’ve released a number of options that allow partners to:

  • Customize the way the OpenCX™ experience will load, i.e. New window, new tab or same window
  • Use multiple return URLs in the quote flow to suit a customer’s experience, i.e. If a user has purchased send them to page A, if they haven’t purchased send them to page B. 
  • Prefill more info for the customer if the data is available from the partner

Quick Home & Contents quote ability

As a broker, you can now rapidly pre-fill a Home & Contents quote and send it to your client. They will receive a magic link to review and continue their quote in a fully branded experience.


Add additional questions to your quote flows

Do you want to run a marketing campaign and share a promo code with your clients? Or add an employee discount? Open CX™ allows you to add custom additional questions into your quote flow. Choose the type of question and the desired outcome and publish it onto your white label experience!